Your Story

“You want a story behind your booze, you want a story when you are fed. You want a story behind your life, you need a story in your head.”

So went the lyrics in a concert last night, and they struck me as a simple truth. Your beer was brewed by an entrepreneur in Seattle who bet it all on a dream. Your steak—I mean steer—was raised in a bucolic pasture in upstate New York.

And the same goes for us. It’s  no longer enough to work hard and be a decent person.

Let me put it another way: being a hard-working, decent person is incredibly important. But in our ridiculously competitive world, stories matter. They make people notice you.

When 499 other people want the same job you want, your story matters.

When there are 8,500 brands of beer competing with yours, your story matters.

Like it or not, you really do need a story behind your life.

By the way, the concert was—I kid you not—Hank and Cupcakes, and the song was “Relax”.


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