You Fired My Friend

Two years ago, a friend of mine was fired from the non-profit agency at which she had worked successfully for four years.

For much of this time, my friend worked for a former colleague of mine who is a tough, smart, demanding and highly professional woman. She gave my friend excellent performance reviews; to this day, they remain close. Unfortunately, that woman moved on and was replaced by a new “manager”.

New “manager” came in, decided she didn’t like my friend, and set the ball in action to fire her. At her first possible opportunity, she did.

My intention is not to criticize anyone, but rather to inspire other managers to aim a bit higher.

If you are part of an organization created to do good, then do good. Don’t be petty or vindictive. Don’t fire people because you feel like it.

If you join an organization and find that a person who has thrived at that organization suddenly becomes incompetent once you start supervising them… the problem is you, not them.

So think twice before you give up on people. Don’t label them as expendable. Don’t send them out the door, simply because you don’t feel like working with them.

P.S. My friend got a much better job at a much better organization, She is very happy.


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