When Everything Speeds Up


My 17-year-old son was telling me how much he loves playing soccer, then he explained how everything speeds up when he has the ball.

Until this past year, he told me, when he had the ball he felt rushed. He became the center of the game. Defenders raced at him. Teammates called for the ball. And in the midst of this, he had to evaluate the strategic possibilities, which changed second by second.

But this year, he calmed down and gained faith in his abilities and judgment. Even though he didn’t have more time, he felt that way, and it made all the difference.

This is a lesson we can all use in our careers. It’s easy to feel we have no time and no control. Both perceptions are wrong.

The reality is you lack control until you gain confidence and composure. Achieving this state takes practice. You’re going to lose the ball, quite a bit. But over time you gain an understanding of both the obstacles and opportunities around you.

BTW, this only happens when you practice every day. Practice composure instead of chaos. Practice focusing on what you want. Practice being confident and competent.




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