The Stone Masons

In recent weeks, I have been watching the stone masons who are rebuilding the steps, walk, and small wall in my front yard.

I had expected the job would go quickly. But, in retrospect, I had little understanding of this craft.

While so many professionals talk about focus and clarity, these guys live it. They constantly measure and re-measure. They string lines to visualize where the wall will go, and then they make slight adjustments and do it again.

A series of small, simple decisions—executed perfectly—leads to a quite spectacular result.

But most importantly, they have a sense of patience that I find so admirable. They work hard, often in extreme heat. But they never rush, because quality depends on taking the time to think, plan, check, adjust, check, and re-think.

I can’t help imagining how much better so many professions would be with this sort of an approach. When pride dominates your behavior, everything gets better.



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