The Power of Belief

If you doubt the power of belief – even for just one moment – you are forsaking your most powerful ally: your brain.

If you doubt that changing a few beliefs can dramatically alter the trajectory of your career, then your career may fall far short of its true potential.

In one study, researchers made up an elaborate ruse to convince people who got a bad night’s sleep that they actually got a good night’s sleep.

Sure enough, sleep-deprived subjects who were told they slept soundly actually performed better on the PASAT test of auditory attention and speed of processing.

Never underestimate the power of belief.

The first step to health, success, achievement, and progress is to believe. But don’t take on this challenge by yourself. Surround yourself with credible evidence that good things are headed your way. Spend time in the company of positive, supportive people. Research techniques that you believe will work for you. Do whatever it takes to build a strong belief in your mind that success is in your future.


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