Stop Trying to Be…

When I stopped trying to be the smartest person in the room, my career finally started moving in the right direction.

For years, I sought to come up with the next big thing. It wasn’t as futile a quest as you might think because I had deep knowledge within an in-demand niche.

But it encouraged me to speak, rather than listen. It also—and this was a shock—wasn’t who I am as a person.

At long last, it dawned on me that a far better use of my time was to remind people of the lessons they already understand… but are failing to embrace.

In this endeavor, I listen hard. My goal is to understand why it’s so hard to do what we know we should be doing… and to share more effective ways to stay on the paths we wish to walk.

BTW, this shift took years. So here’s my question…

Is there anything that you should stop trying to be?


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