Roger Federer Said…

When Roger Federer won Wimbledon on Sunday, he said, “I kept on believing and dreaming.”

One of the most talented players in the history of tennis had to overcome the widespread perception that he was past his prime and unlikely to win the tournament ever again.

Over the span of eight—yes, eight—Wimbledon titles, he went from a single guy intensely focused on tennis to a father of four children (who witnessed his victory this weekend). He went from no distractions to many.

If one of the best athletes on the planet has to summon the willpower to believe when no one else believes, why should you be any different?

No matter how great your ideas or strong your talent, success depends on your ability to believe in your dreams, day after day after day.

Did I mention that Roger won Wimbledon without losing a single set? Or that this is the first time since 2009 that he has won two Grand Slams in a year?

Believe in yourself…. even when no one else does. Even if you’re not Roger!


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