Reasons to Be Grateful

Goals are fleeting. What you want as a teenager isn’t what you want at 40, and what you want at 70 isn’t what you want at 30.

What matters most is how you act – and feel – day after average day.

Anyone can feel joy upon getting promoted or winning a race. But do you feel joy because it’s 6 a.m. and you are starting another day?

Do you feel gratitude because you get to commute one hour on a heated train that is pretty much on time all the time?

Is your heart filled with awe when you walk into a huge metal tube and it FLIES into the sky and lands precisely where you wanted it to land?

When you provide food and shelter for your family, does it make you proud?

When you solve a problem, does it give you satisfaction?

Do you watch for opportunities to help others, or to simply cheer someone up?

It’s not about where you’re going; it’s about how you go about each day.

Treating people with decency and respect ultimately works in your favor. So does living each day with gratitude, and being less attached to specific outcomes.


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