Pretend to Be Amazing

At every leap forward in my life and career, I felt like I was only faking being ready.
You probably know the feeling, too.

If you wait to move forward until you feel ready to move forward, your career will be gone before you achieve anything.

Here’s a truism they don’t teach you in business school, or anywhere else: No sane person feels ready to accept a great new responsibility.

It is only by shouldering a burden that you learn to trust yourself. It’s a bit like riding a bike; I can tell you how to ride it, but to actually ride it you must overcome your fear of falling.

By the way, you almost certainly will fall along the way. When this happens, you need to try again.

The only effective technique I know for dealing with all this is to pretend that I’m whatever I want to be: a good father, a responsible and fair client, a trusted professional.

Viewed in this context, faking it isn’t a bad thing. It’s simply a good strategy for summoning the courage and confidence to take a giant step forward.

So, whenever necessary, pretend to be amazing. It will speed you towards actually making it so.


OTHERwise Copyright © by Bruce Kasanoff. All Rights Reserved.

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