The Personal Qualities That Matter

If I only got to ask a few questions about a person, I’d ask about qualities like their ability to help others, be empathetic, and hang in there even when times get tough.

These are the qualities that matter and people who operate this way will always find ways to connect with each other.

In order to be positive about the future, I have to believe that kindness, respect, compassion, and tenacity will prevail. This does not mean that I will always get my way. It simply implies that I will be proud of myself and my community for the ways that we interact with each other and treat other people.

I don’t treasure friends—or colleagues—simply because they always think like I do.

I treasure those who can be kind and decent to people who think very differently than they do.

Here’s why kindness matters so much…

Human beings are prone to errors. We all make mistakes. Our ability to predict the future is feeble. Just because you believe something is true… does not mean it is true.

No matter how fervently you believe that YOU are right, the odds are pretty good that you are wrong.

But there are certain core values that will never steer you wrong, and I’ve mentioned them here.

Try being a tad kinder and don’t worry so much about being “right”.


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