Pay Attention, or Intention?

“Pay attention” implies you have lost focus on what matters. It’s generally something others say to get you back on track. It should make you cringe.

That’s why I spend increasing amounts of time saying to myself, “Pay intention”.

Ideally, there should be no difference in the way you use intention and attention. When you are focused on what is important, you are focused on your intentions.

No one has to tell a Formula One race driver to focus on the road. No one reminds a chess grandmaster to focus on the board.

By using the word intention, I remind myself who is responsible for my own actions and decisions: me.

Once you accept responsibility for your own outcomes, “pay intention” should become your internal reminder.

You just need to fill in the blank…

Pay intention to:    ___________________ (helping others, building a sustainable company, or whatever matters most to you)


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