No Clue How to Interview

A while back, my daughter, Alyssa, texted me, “I’m noticing that people have no clue how to market themselves in interviews”. So we came up with 7 tips…

Your goal isn’t to get an interview or to get called back. Your goal is to get a job that you love. To do that, you have to manage yourself properly from your very first contact with a prospective employer. This means…

1. Know what the job is and why you want it
2. Sell, don’t wait to be sold (you can “buy” once you have an offer)
3. Provide context for your statements and claims
4. Do your research; never visit a company without understanding that company
5. Be authentic
6. Stay on topic
7. Be human

If I walked up to you on the street and introduced myself, it’s unlikely that you’d share a laundry list of all your accomplishments. So don’t share them in an interview. Also, don’t forget that you are talking to another human being. Your mission isn’t simply to sell him or her; your mission is to connect with him or her on a personal level.


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