How to Find Meaning

The Afterword of Viktor Frankl’s book,¬†Man’s Search for Meaning, closes with a description of the time Frankl was asked to write one sentence that captured the meaning of his own life. He wrote:

The meaning of your life is to help others find the meaning of theirs.

I’ve been thinking about this sentence for quite a while, and have recognize that it holds the solution to many questions such as:

1. How can you find meaning in your career?

2. How can you find meaning in your life?

3. How can companies  achieve enduring success in a sustainable manner?

Frankl’s sentence unites us. It’s non-judgmental, rather than divisive. It doesn’t say whether wealth is good or bad; it doesn’t comment on whether meaning can come from material possessions or hard work or love or status or anything else.

It simply suggests that meaning is what’s most important to human beings and that the best path to finding meaning in your life is to help others do the same.

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