Fostering Talent in Others

You are intelligent and hardworking, and you probably “exceeded expectations” on your last job review. But enough already with *your* talents.

What really matters is the degree to which you bring out talent in other people.

Mr friend does this all day without thinking. He walks into a room and starts asking questions. He wants to know the most interesting things you know, so he listens intently to your answers. He does this for a while, then he starts making connections…

“Wow, I had no idea you were so interested in sketching. Jane – the creative director down the hall – teaches a Sprint class at The New School and she helps people of all skill levels visualize out-of-the-box solutions. Want me to introduce you?”

He’ll do this all afternoon:

– exhibit curiosity
– ask probing questions
– compliment initiative and experimentation
– mix and match people and ideas

Craig seeks connection, not credit. His reward is an interesting day, week, month, and life. He delights in finding the best that you have to offer.

What if you did the same? Value connection more than credit…


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