Finding True Experts

How do you judge a true expert? When someone has true mastery, they provide you with a single answer, rather than many possibilities.

Viktor Dörfler studies master/apprentice relationships and has interviewed dozens of Nobel Laureates. The first time he met one, the man had difficulty walking. But when Viktor visited him 18 months later, they went on a long walk together.

Viktor asked what happened, and the man replied that he had Viktor to thank for his improved health. He said (I’m paraphrasing)… you told me that true masters have one answer, and my physician always had many theories about my condition… so when I returned home, I fired him and found a physician with one solution for me.

Experts don’t waffle. They don’t say, “On the one hand…”

In fact, they can be a bit unsettling, because many insist on doing things a certain way and seem unwilling to explain their position. This is often because it would simply take too long for them to educate you, and it’s easier to just provide the (right) answer.

In other words, beware those bearing many options.


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