Don’t Fight a Natural Law

The most likable people generate their own energy. Their attitude does not depend on everything going well and everyone being so grateful for their good work.

They are just positive because they are positive.

I know all the reasons this is hard. I’ve had years in which nothing in my career seemed to be working. Was I positive the whole time?


And that was probably a big part of the problem.

Kim Cameron, Associate Dean of Executive Education at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, cites the power of the heliotropic effect. He writes:

“This effect is defined as the tendency in all living systems toward that which gives life and away from that which depletes life—toward positive energy and away from negative energy. All living systems have an inclination toward the positive—for example, plants lean toward the light, people learn and remember positive information faster and better than negative information, positive words predominate over negative words in all languages, all life forms from bacteria to mammals possess an inclination toward positive energy—so strategies that capitalize on the positive similarly tend to produce life-giving, flourishing outcomes in individuals and organizations.”

HINT: don’t fight a natural law.


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