Does Kindness Work?

Be kind to others, and you will enjoy far more success in your career and life. Is it really true?

Yes, IF you embrace this and stick with it—and others—even when times get tough, even when you don’t feel like it, and even when others let you down. (There is no room for tit-for-tat in the kindness world.)

But here’s the rub…

There are some parts of the world, countries, and even companies in which kindness is derided.

As I have said many times, your environment always wins. If you choose to work in a snake pit of an office in which sheer Machiavellian evil dominates all decisions, your kindness will be viewed as foolhardy weakness.

So if you want to practice kindness as a means to both help others and help your career, you must first change your environment to one in which kindness has a fair chance of surviving. If you have any choice at all, don’t work for an evil company. Don’t live among cynical, suspicious neighbors… unless you want that to be your fate, too.

I realize not everyone has the freedom to follow this advice. But the more people who do, the more our world will move towards kindness. We are playing a long game here, and it will take decades to make the world—and business world—a kinder place.

One day at a time, starting today…


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