Currently Seeking Employment

Some days, it seems like the world’s biggest employer is “Currently Seeking Employment”.

That’s because job seekers often use this phrase as their headline. Cute, eh? Not really. Using this phrase is one of the best ways to slow your job search.

This positions you as the victim of misfortune. It encourages pity. Used in this way, it comes across as a sign of desperation. You are screaming, “I really need a job, fast!”

Employers don’t hire desperate people. They wonder what made you so desperate. Even if you otherwise look like a strong candidate, they worry they are missing something.

Here are two headlines; tell me which is more helpful…

• John Doe: currently seeking employment

• John Doe: customer experience expert for luxury hotels

The second one is specific, providing vital context for the reader. The first one leaves the reader with nothing but the perception that you are willing to take almost… any… job.

Don’t lead with your weakness; lead with your strengths.


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