Consider the Opposite

To understand how you really feel about an idea or concept, try stating its opposite. For example, say, “Being mean will lead you to success.”

I mention this because sometimes when I say “kindness will lead you to success,” people roll their eyes and imply I don’t understand the ways that business really works.

So… being mean is the path to success?

They are saying that great leaders are mean? Or maybe that the best employees are mean? Perhaps they should hire the nastiest sales professionals they can find? Heck, why don’t they run out and track down a consultant who is evil?

I hope you see that this makes no sense whatsoever.

The flaw is how people react to kindness is that they equate it to softness, fuzzy judgment, or a lack of discipline. This is nonsense. A tough, focused, and disciplined athlete can also be kind.

By starting with kindness, you simply position yourself to help others. That’s it. You can still be strong, tenacious, dynamic, and highly accomplished. Kindness doesn’t mean weakness; it means strength.


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