Imagine a 12-foot tall elephant that weighs over 10,000 pounds

It eats about 300 pounds of food a day, is very intelligent, and has an excellent memory.

If this elephant was following you around, you would not forget it. Why do you forget the right things to do each day? I’m talking about the actions that get you closer to your dreams.

Every day you have to get up and feed an elephant… every day you have to get up and feed your dreams.

Imagine that one day you forget to feed your elephant, but you somehow still managed to survive the day. How comfortable will you be in the future, knowing that your 10,000-pound companion knows that you are not to be trusted?

Your dreams, aspirations and top goals are no less important than an elephant in your yard. If you forget to feed them, you are going to end up feeling horrible and cleaning up a giant mess.



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