Blow the Roof Off Any Venue You Play

Standing almost alone on a stage last night, Kevin Griffin made me think hard about whether my standards are too low.

He’s the founder and lead singer of the band Better Than Ezra. He came to a tiny venue near us and played without his band for about 100 people. He has produced, written, and co-written albums and songs that have sold over 30 million copies.

Within five minutes, it was utterly obvious that Griffin didn’t need 1,000 cheering fans to create energy. He brought his own.

When the drunk guys in row 4 started singing and cheering, Griffin made them part of his act. When it became obvious that most of the audience knew all his lyrics, he used them as a chorus.

Most importantly, he didn’t make excuses. He didn’t say:

  • “I’m used to playing big halls. There are only 100 people here. This is a joke.”
  • “People in Connecticut are boring. Why did I come here?”
  • “I’m tired of playing night after night. Maybe I’ll just coast on this one.

Now back to you. Do you only give it your all on a few select days when all the stars align? Or do you pour energy into your performance day after day, just because that’s the way you love to live?

Pump up the energy, and perhaps the volume. Blow the roof off any “venue” you play.


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