Being Coherent

Being coherent has little to do with making sense for a few minutes. The real test is how closely your career and life  match what you say you want.

Most people—including me—are incoherent. I wake up in the morning with the intention to do certain things, and often go to sleep with many of these tasks incomplete.

I’d like to suggest that being coherent is the single best goal you can set for yourself. But beware: it will be a lifelong challenge, and success will require changing nearly everything about your life.

Simple example: do you want to be lean, strong, and healthy all your life?

Achieving that will mean exercising intensely most days, even when you are busy and on the road. It means eating right and getting enough sleep. Every single day, you will be surrounded by events and people who seemingly conspire to nudge you off your healthy path.

By the way, if you want to be round, slow, and decadent then skip the exercise and eat away. But only do this if your intention is to be round, slow, and decadent.



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