A Few Words about Trolls

Here’s my simple formula for dealing with negative comments on social media: embrace intelligent debate but ignore the trolls.

Nothing makes me happier than someone who disagrees with me AND who can make his or her case in a well-reasoned manner. This is what sparks vibrant conversations, engages others, and leads to genuine learning. Plus, it makes me smarter.

As for trolls, it took me years to gain the discipline and strength to ignore them. Trolls are people whose intent is to hurt, abuse, or pontificate. My favorite troll behavior is someone who tells me how worthless my post is… but stops by six or seven times! (Clearly my post was the highlight of his day.)

Never, ever respond to a troll. If they are especially abusive, delete their comment (if it’s your post) or report them. Plus, if you wait a bit, someone else will almost always trash the troll for you.

Finally, focus on the good in people, not the bad. To me, it is worth coming across a few negative types to have the privilege of knowing a much greater number of positive, kind, intelligent, and insightful people.


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