32.8 Days

We are 32.8 days from a much kinder world, but only if you do one simple thing today: perform an act of kindness for someone else.

Tomorrow, both of you will need to find two more people and be kind to them. The next day, all four of you should do the same.

In 32.8 days, these acts of kindness will reach EVERY human being on our planet.

I heard this idea today from the commencement speaker at my son’s high school graduation; the speaker has been a math teacher for almost four decades. The math checks out.

It’s tempting to think that the issues that divide us are too overwhelming to ever bridge. How can we ever make the world a kinder or more welcoming place?

In truth, YOU are 32.8 days away from touching ever person with kindness.

Today, you need to make a simple decision: for the next month and a few days, can you do one act of kindness each day?

I’m not asking you to spend money, take focus away from your job, sacrifice time with your family, or do the impossible.

I’m simply asking that you take perhaps ten minutes a day to proactively do an act of kindness for someone else. Not the same person each day. A new person each day. Then please suggest they adopt your habit, too.

If you’re in, start today… and please also share these words.


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